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Make a Fluffy Monogram – Repurposing Cardboard and an Old Sheet

Want to know what to do when your sheet gets a hole too big to mend?  Just cut it into little rectangles and make this monogram!

Fluffy Monogram - perfect for hanging on a wall or displaying on a shelf

You’ll need: a piece of cardboard, hot glue gun, lots of little fabric squares/rectangles in two contrasting colors.

Rectangles don’t need to be perfectly the same size–just get them all in the same ballpark.  The sheet I used was made of green flannel.  The white fabric was leftover from some other project.

Step 1. Find a piece of old cardboard, cut it to whatever size you wish, and draw out the letter(s) of your monogram.  I did “M” for Melton.  Any cardboard will do…I used a clean pizza box (in case you were wondering).

...Just make sure your cardboard is clean. ...For obvious reasons.

Step 2. Put your finger in the middle of a piece of fabric & wrap it around your finger like a big ol’ bandage.

After the first twenty or so, you'll be a pro at getting the right shape.
Stay, fabric, stay!

Step 3. Use your glue gun to make the “bandage” keep the correct shape.

A perfect rosette!

Step 4. Glue the bottom end of the fabric to the correct area of the cardboard.

Love all the texture!

Repeat Steps 2-4 until finished.
Make sure to “pack them in” tightly.  You don’t want any ugly gaps!

Step 5. Proudly display your latest repurpose/craft for the world to see.