Daily Archives: May 7, 2012


I’m going to make a grand, sweeping assumption.  Here it goes.

Pretty much everyone loves smell of freshly cut grass and freshly ground coffee.  I do too!  …But not mixed together.  A shocking discovery, I know. *eye roll*  But think about it for just a moment.  Imagine the aromas separately, then together.  Resembles the acrid stench of a cat’s hurked-up hairball.  Nasty.

A hairball was too gross to post.

How did I come to this amazing conclusion?  I walked into Starbucks this morning while the grass next to the parking area was being trimmed.

What other things smell great by themselves, but disgusting together?  Here are some things that pop into my mind:

  • grilled fish and peanut butter
  • orange blossoms and gasoline

What are some of yours?