I don’t like to clean.

I like to be clean, and I like to have a clean house…but cleaning isn’t my thing.  I do it because it’s in my job description.  So, when I come across a product that makes my job a lot easier, I get excited.  I think I have developed a crush.

Today, I was in the middle of using a Magic Eraser on the fridge door handle, when I decided to give it a shot at cleaning my glass-top stove.  Since I used something abrasive years ago, it no longer just wipes clean–I even scratched off some of the circles that show where the hot spots are (back in the day, we called them burners).  Couldn’t hurt.  I’d already tried everything else.

So I tried on one of the burners.  I got amazing results!  But I can’t just keep this to myself (even though you, my dear reader probably already know the power of the Magic Eraser), so I took some photos of the next burner before and after.  Here’s what I have.

Mr. Clean is a rock star, and also my new boyfriend…*wink* 🙂

Before #1
After #1

And the close-up…

Before #2
After #2

The black spots you see in the after photo is where I’d used steel wool (like an idiot) a few years back.  Magic Eraser got stuff off that I’d not been able to get off with scrubbing or by using any chemical.

Now that’s amazing.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning

  1. AMEN!!!! I have already used up most of what I thought was an”inexhaustible supply” of these wonderful little creations.
    Hooray for Mr. Clean–a “girl’s”best friend!!!!!!
    Have you tried it on all the grungy places inside Tank, yet? Amazing!!

    1. I will now! Before the weekend, definitely. 🙂 Thanks for the tip! …Will have to buy more M.E.s soon.

  2. I found out quite by accident that you can run them through the washer and dryer once when they get grimy and get twice the use out of them!! They are my favorite cleaning tool too, They keep my counter tops cleaner than anything else.

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