Monthly Archives: August 2013

20 Down!

Weighed myself today and found I’ve lost twenty pounds–not even trying!

Where was this t-shirt when I needed it?!

If you know me, you’ve probably heard this before, but I have had the HARDEST time losing weight in the past ten years.  Eating out HAS had a lot to do with it, I admit.  But I’ve been on multiple medications which have not helped at all.  Zyprexa especially caused me to gain a LOT of weight (over 100 lbs. in less than a year), and Seroquel hasn’t allowed me to lose any weight.  But I’m almost off all medications!  Thanks to God for His grace in sending the right people into my life!

I’ve been learning a lot about nutrition and the way the body works…and found out the issues for which I was taking medication were caused by parasites I’d picked up in remote places.  Getting rid of the parasites is interesting to say the least.  But taking care of the root problem is allowing me to get off the meds!  Hooray!

By the way, I’ve not had any recurrence of previous symptoms.  And I’m 100% off Wellbutrin (coming off was no problem), 100% off Celexa (just lost a a few nights’ sleep) and 90% off of all Seroquel.  Seroquel is the biggie.  It’s hard.  You have to do it in small stages, or do it in the hospital.  It’s been equated with coming off heroine because of how it makes you feel, and I can attest to the horrendous, torturous, exhausting process, at least on the Seroquel-end (not the heroine-end).  I think I may write something about why Seroquel is pure evil in pill form.  Maybe next week after I’ve taken my last half-pill.