Your Mama: No Joke–She Would Probably Make a Better President


Here are fourteen reasons your mom is a better option for president than most 2016 candidates.

  1. She can recognize a lie a mile off and will not tolerate it.
  2. She protects those in her care with ferocity.
  3. She does her best to ensure the kids are well educated.
  4. She stands her ground.
  5. She shows compassion while allowing people to reap the rewards of their actions.
  6. She knows how to budget and knows that when the money is gone, it’s gone.
  7. She does not tolerate “bathroom mouth”.
  8. She is hospitable to neighbors and visitors who behave themselves and sends them home if they don’t.
  9. She never asks someone to do a job she would not be willing to do herself.
  10. She is faithful to her spouse.
  11. She is loyal to her friends, even though they don’t give her thousands of dollars.
  12. She doesn’t throw tantrums in public.
  13. She oversees chores and makes sure they are done correctly.
  14. She actually means what she says.

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