Today I Am Grateful

Today I am grateful.


I thank God for my spouse–for an exasperated, long-suffering husband who won’t let me check out mentally, no matter what; who works and does dishes and changes diapers and drives people places when I can’t. He’s my hero.

It’s day five of a flare-up (doc says its a pain syndrome called fibromyalgia).
But I am grateful

I thank God for The Girl–for the crazy, energetic, big-hearted young lady He’s given me; she does school and cleans up the house, does our family’s laundry, rescues the baby from herself, gives hugs when needed, and has energy left over to give her best at karate for hours on end.

It hurts to walk, to type, to breathe. No joke.
But I am grateful.

I thank God for Chickadee–for the tiny fingers and toes that go everywhere and get into everything because exploring is fun and exciting and necessary; she smiles and tries to get all of us to smile with her by clapping her hands and calling out to us.

I thank God for my dog, Lucy–for the fuzzy leg/foot warmer she’s always willing to be.

I thank God that He’s here with me, holding me close through all of this, and I am grateful.


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