No Question Mark

nowisthetime-heroes1I am used to hearing, “Are we out of time?” or “Is America out of time?”

Well, it’s time to change this interrogative to a declarative. Because, yes, we are.

We are out of time.

Letting things slide (especially the search for truth and the following of what it means) has become a favored pastime of American Christians. Yes, it’s easier to have the someone-else-will-take-care-of-it attitude. At least, it’s easier until you realize that the people who decide to take care of it only have their own (possibly evil) interests in mind.

Today I’m recovering from a stomach bug. I still have a fever. But, thanks to the internet, I was able to read several news and social items and to have a few very frustrating conversations. (Thank you, internet. *sarcasm*)

Absolute truth, people. It exists.
To those who say “No, it doesn’t,” isn’t that an absolute?

Our society is going down the toilet. Fast.
Allow me to make a simple prognostication I don’t like one little bit. There will likely be riots and murders the night of the presidential election. Some will happen before the final decision for president has even been announced. It doesn’t take a prophet.

But mobs physically assaulting people and property are of less concern to me than the onslaught of intelligent evil that has been attacking our families and churches, aimed at molding the young, and disguising itself in almost-truth.

All I can think is that my girls–my bright, shining, beautiful girls–are going to be brutalized. The world is out to brutalize their hearts, minds, and souls (and possibly their bodies). And we are out of time.

We are out of time. There is no more time to be weak. There is no more time to be wishy-washy. There is no more time for laziness or lack of love. There is no more time for us to coddle our children from realities they will soon be faced with. It is time for toughening, for tightening; it is past time for clear, sturdy reasoning to win the day. The not-quite-truths have won. The majority can no longer think for themselves and now act by emotional manipulation and mob psychology.

We must prepare for the onslaught no longer waged with metaphorical foil and rapier, but with meaner and uglier weapons. Are you prepared? Are you strong? Are your children ready?

Because we are out of time.

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