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We Must Have Done Something Right, Somewhere, Sometime

We’ve been sick most of this week. Monday night our daughter and I got the “ickiness” that’s been going around. Some strain of the flu, most likely. Tuesday night my husband came down with it too.  Hubby started feeling better last night, as did The Daughter. I’m still under the weather, but my fever is coming down slowly!

When Hubby and I woke up this morning, a lovely smell wafted into the bedroom. But we weren’t allowed upstairs into the living area until “the surprise [was] ready” and The Daughter said we could come up. 🙂

Not only had she poured orange juice, but she’d made muffins! From scratch! Apple cinnamon. From scratch. She even cut the apples into little tiny chunks. And the muffins were fluffy and yummy and perfect! She only turned ten a couple months ago! She had absolutely no help whatsoever (though she said that God had helped her!).

These are not her apple cinnamon muffins, but they look just the same.
These are not her apple cinnamon muffins, but they look just the same.  Did I mention they were from scratch? 😉

How did this happen?! How did she suddenly blossom into this brightly colored butterfly? It’s such a wonder! Her heart is big and soft, and she has a strong, honorable spirit. I am amazed at how we are so blessed. It was probably on accident that it happened, but somewhere, sometime, and only by the grace of God we must have done something right.