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Clean Your What?

Just in case you, like I, didn’t know…

In the bottom of my dishwasher there’s a screen and a big cup catcher thingy and a smaller, screened, cup-shaped catcher thingy. All those parts and the area that holds them in MUST be cleaned from time to time. How did I not know??? I mean, duh! The nasty must go somewhere when it comes off the dishes. Hello! It just never crossed my mind to investigate the destination of the crud.  …Until my dishes started stinking.

evil dishwasher

Astoundingly, this little nugget of wisdom which should have been delivered to me from knowledgeable sources was lacking. What’s frustrating is I don’t exactly know who is to blame. My mother cannot be responsible for this; we didn’t even have a dishwasher most of my growing-up years. Home Ec. teacher? Never had one (except my mom for the handful of years she homeschooled me). So the responsibility lays, as it usually does, on my woefully slumped shoulders. Mea culpa. If only I’d read the novel entitled “Dishwasher Manual” I’d not be up to my elbows in this…er…mess.

Funny how these situations parallel other things. Life gets messy. We can try to take care of business and clean up the mess, but if our deepest parts are full of gunk, even if our whole life looks clean, our lives will stink. Here’s the good news: we don’t have to clean ourselves. Fact is, we CAN’T clean ourselves. That’s why Jesus came. He’s the Master Scrubber Who can dis-infect our lives. He can kill the sin that stink us up. He can break the chains that tie us down to living death. And He will hold your hand the whole way, if you let Him.

Whether in your soul or in your dishwasher, learn from my mistakes my friends. Clean the nasty out.