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Facing My Old Foe

You shall not be victorious.
You shall not be victorious.

This morning I stepped on the scale for the first time since moving. A move that took about a month, over the holidays where every good thing was consumed among family and friends was sure to do some damage.  Trepidation. Anxiety. Then, elation! I’ve lost a total of forty pounds! ((Join me in doing the happy dance!)) I still have a ways to go, but I’m excited that it’s actually, actually, actually happening!

Because of many factors, it’s been hard for me to get to a healthy weight. A main factor was Seroquel and a couple other pills. Under a doctor’s care, I started coming off the medications Spring of 2013 and took my last pill Fall 2013. It was hard. It was ugly. There were severe withdrawal symptoms. The itching was so bad I now have scars. Sleep didn’t happen much, which made me touchy at best and completely unbearable to be around at worst. My heart rate was elevated (110+) for days off and on. I felt sick, had migraines, and cramps. My poor body had no clue what was going on, but it didn’t like it. It was mostly over by December, and totally over now, thank God!

And now I’ve started losing weight again! I’ve started feeding our family healthier and healthier foods.  This week is mostly fruits and veggies, some lean protein, and the occasional treat. Since I started milling grain and making breads, it’s easier to keep bad carbs out of the house…mostly out of the house. Tomorrow we’re going to eat out, and that’s okay. Any step in the right direction is a step in the right direction. Right?

I know weight isn’t the be-all, end-all of health. It does, however, mean something. There are still 155-ish pounds til my goal weight. But… If I’m able to backpack on the Appalachian Trail, play soccer with my kid for a couple of hours without croaking, ride a horse without worrying I’ll break its back, ride all the roller coasters at the theme park, and have my husband able to reach all the way around when he hugs me… Well then, I’ll be happy as a pup with two tails, no matter what I weigh.