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First You Have to Sit Still

Having spent half of last week at a Classical Conversations parent practicum (a time for parents who home-educate their kids to get together, learn, and receive encouragement), there are a plethora of thoughts dashing themselves against the inside my noggin.  A very few of the thoughts are, strangely, about how to teach The Child arithmetic or Latin.  The majority of them have to do with understanding what God wants for us and drawing closer to Him.

2013 Practicum

Each morning about 150 (I think) of us parents met in a church sanctuary and listened to presentations made by a very excellent speaker.  I had just one problem: I couldn’t sit still to save my life!  About ten minutes into the first presentation, I would have to get up and stand in the back of the sanctuary.  And, in case you’ve never tried, it is extremely difficult to take notes while standing.  So, I’ll try to get this out cohesively.

The word that sticks out most to me is why.

Why do I educate?  Why do I educate my own kid instead of sending her off to school?  Why should an educator teach weird stuff like Latin and Trigonometry and Physics to any kid who wants to be farmer, homemaker, or karate instructor?  Why should I fill (or not fill) every moment of every day with constructive activities (after all, there are chores and academic work and sports and so much fun stuff to do)?  Why do we education DIY-ers spend so much time not at home when our academic process has been termed “homeschooling?”  Why, oh why do I beat myself up if The Child does something differently than a “regular” student does?  Why do I care so very much about academics?  Why?  Why?  Why?

The questions could go on for quite some time.  But it’s time for bed.  Maybe I’ll answer one or two tomorrow.

But first I’ll have to sit still.