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Way to Go, American Heritage Girls!

Respect Life

American Heritage Girls has done it again.  This spring, the national organization will begin offering the “Respect Life” patch to troops which participate in an activity or perform a service having to do with respecting the lives of human beings from conception to natural death.

Here are some of the thoughts behind offering the patch:

  • The Respect Life Patch reinforces American Heritage Girls’ commitment to honoring life from conception to natural death.
  • Over the years American Heritage Girls’ Troops have supported life in a variety of ways. Not only do we hold to a biblical worldview that respects life, but we put our beliefs into action.
  • This life-honoring patch is symbolic of how much God loves and values people, and of the dignity every person deserves.
  • Troops can earn the patch by participating in an event that brings attention to respecting life or by providing a service project for an organization whose mission or purpose demonstrates a desire to respect life, such as pregnancy resource centers, pro-life groups and hospices.
  • American Heritage Girls’ Christian focus and respect for biblical values are major reasons it has experienced such rapid growth.

Once again, I’m thrilled to have found such a great organization that honors God in as many ways as it can find.  Way to go, gals!
Check out the American Heritage Girls website here: