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The Big BS


I’ve been running across more and more people who think they can feed others a truckload of BS (known as “bologna sandwich(es)” at our house) and get away with it. These people usually have above average intelligence, so it’s easy to see how this may have easily worked for them and become a habit. But there are some serious problems.

These folks claim to be Christians (If they didn’t claim to be, this would be adifferent matter entirely) and want me to acknowledge their “okay-ness”. They say they are justified in out-and-out sinning while spouting Bible verses and churchy-sounding catch phrases that have no sound thinking behind them. It’s ridiculous–literally worthy of ridicule.

But here’s the bigger issue.
You can’t feed God a truckload of bologna and expect Him to swallow it.
You can’t BS Him into loving you.
And you can’t BS Him into thinking you’re okay.

None of us are okay. We all mess up. We all sin. We do and think wrong things on purpose. God knows not just our outward actions, but every thought that has ever gone through our minds. (Jeremiah 17:10) We’re grossly entangled and covered in sin slime. (Isaiah 64:6)

God loved you and me enough to send His only son to live among us and teach us, to suffer everything from rejection and temptation to abject humiliation and indescribable pain, all to give us life–abundant, overflowing life! (I Peter 4:1) (John 10:10) He did that, knowing some of us were going to try to finagle our way by other means. That’s an altogether different kind of love than any of us have ever experienced from anyone else.

God has set us free, that we might be free indeed! But when we wade back into sin, we are willingly enslaving ourselves. We are putting shackles around our wrists. We are chaining ourselves to Death. (John 8:33-34) There’s no excuse for stupid. We are set free and then choose to go back to our old slave days?!

Yes, doing the right thing is hard, especially after we start going down that slippery incline. Ever tried to climb up a slick playground slide in your socks? How about while carrying several gallon jugs of milk? That’s what it’s like. But every time you tell yourself you’re okay sinning, you’re adding another jug. It doesn’t take long until it’s nearly impossible to climb that slide.

Don’t think you can spew Christianese and BS your way into God’s Kingdom. And please don’t ask me to tell you your face is clean while you continue working at covering yourself in slime, or even worse try to get me to help you. (Matthew 7:21)

I love you too much to lie to you, and I hope you’d do the same for me.