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The Butterfly and the Rock

My book is now out!  It’s called The Butterfly and the Rock.  Buy it!  Read it!  Read it to your kids! 😀


If you click on the cover, the link will take you to Amazon.com, where you can actually look inside!  Check it out!

What’s it about?  It’s a new fable.  A butterfly who is happy until she decides she wants to be a tough, craggy rock tries everything to change.  “But the butterfly was still a butterfly.”  Finally, she tears her wings and covers herself in mud.  In pursuing her thinking that she “should have been born a rock” she loses everything.  But though she ends up dead in a hard clump of clay, “…the butterfly was still a butterfly.”

This project was almost two years in the making.  Charlotte Royal, a talented artist did all the original watercolors.  M. B. Nelson did the decorative lettering.  Published by Lantern Hollow Press.