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Sadness and Necessity

We’ve been treating our ailing furry friend even more like a king the past week or two after he was diagnosed by the vet with having terminal cancer (the most advanced portion is in his back right knee). Caspian, our dog, has gotten lots of treats, yummy wet food, and tons of attention and cuddles. We have been giving him pain medication and anti-inflammatory pills, and we tried to do some natural healing stuff, but to no avail.

Caspian X

After listening to him cry almost all night last night, we’ve decided it’s time to let Caspian go. We’ll call the veterinarian tomorrow and see if she can work us in.

Our hearts are broken. He is a very sweet, very good dog. Think of “Dug” in the movie Up – he’s just like that.

Caspian X

Even though we know God will take care of Caspian better than we ever could, it’s still sad to see our buddy go.

We’re planning on getting him some cheeseburgers or chicken nuggets before we go to the vet.

We’ll pet him as he goes to sleep. (My eyes are tearing up just writing this.) Even our 10-year-old daughter wants to pet him to sleep. (She may change her mind when the time comes, and that’s fine.)

Please send up some prayers for us and our other furry family members as we say farewell to a most faithful companion and friend.