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The Wild Ride


Why do some days just not work the way we think they are supposed to?  Why does this frustrate us SO much?

Just a little background before the story: I’ve been waking up between six and ten times per night, and not sleeping very deeply (thanks, Seroquel).  I’m only uncontrollably itchy about one third of the time (mostly when forced to sit still–especially in confined areas (thanks, Seroquel).  My back and neck ache terribly (my chiropractor appointment is scheduled for the day after tomorrow), which causes headaches.  So I’m exhausted, though entirely awake.  Before this turns into a poor-pitiful-me fest, I’ll continue with the story.

This past weekend we visited relatives in western-middle Georgia and got to spend time with mom #2 (hubby’s mom) on her birthday.   We enjoyed it immensely!  To top it all off, they gave us their “old” car (a GMC Envoy)!  How much better can things get than that?!  Today, Monday, is a holiday for many people, including my husband, and we decided to leave separately so that I could drive The Child back to Augusta in time to walk a dog at 10 AM for her newest customer (she has her own little business as “The Dogercizer” and makes a tidy sum for a kiddo).  We needed to leave at 6:30 AM in order to make it on time.  Also, I drove my “new” car (new to me) for the first time in the dark, so I needed a few quick pointers before leaving (headlight settings and such).  We ended up leaving late.  Of course, I thought.

Since I STILL don’t know my way around that portion of Georgia, I decided to use the GPS app that came on my smartphone.  It had worked in Greenleaf, Idaho and I didn’t think it would have any problems in a more populous place like central Georgia.  Boy, was I wrong!  Give me a good old-fashioned map any day!  Ugh!  I went eight miles past the first interstate ext, u-turned, then took the right exit going the wrong way.  Now we were definitely going to be late.  My daughter’s reputation as a reliable dog walker was in the balance and I was upset with myself.  The same thing happened again on the next interstate!  Now we were over an hour late.  Great.  Just great.

I tried to switch interstate directions at the next exit, but melted down and started crying after being completely re-routed by police officers because of a big race and doodling around a bunch of small roads in the middle of town.  The Child was worried for us, and concerned about mom (it kind of freaks her out when mom cries), which made me more upset with myself.  I stopped at a Burger King to use the restroom and calm down.  After taking a break, we texted the dog’s owners to let them know we were late and that we’d be there as soon as we could.  I then realized, after looking at the GPS when we’d been still for a while, that we needed to take one of the highways instead of getting back on the interstate.  I convinced myself that this day’s problems weren’t the end of the world, even though were were almost two hours late for my daughter’s job and I was thoroughly disgusted with myself.  We finally started the engine again and continued onto the correct highway (by a weird route) after a few miles.  Would anyone ever want to hire The Child again after this?  Is The Dogercizer’s going to be over because of me?  What kind of mom am I to do this?   I then exited to another highway, which I followed (the wrong direction again) for a couple of miles.

After all these wrong turns and confusions, I finally got a clue part of my problem: the GPS app kept flipping the map sideways and up-side down randomly!  I’d never had this problem before and remembered the app was still in beta testing.  I closed the app and looked up a plain map on my phone (novel idea, right?), found the correct route, and decided not to turn the GPS back on.  I turned around and followed the highway.  But highways in Georgia sometimes turn corners at four-way stops in small towns, and at one of the four-ways, the sign was missing.  So, I just continued straight for a while.  Bummer.  Had to do another u-turn back to the four-way and turn right.  After that, we started noticing familiar landmarks and knew we were on the right track.  The Dogercizer was really, really, really late.  That poor, thirteen-week-old puppy was going to have issues by the time we got there!  (This picture is of a similar puppy to the one she would walk.)


The phone binged, and a text message came through.  The puppy’s owners had the day off (had told The Child to start today and forgotten they both had the day off) and didn’t need The Dogercizer’s services until the next day.  What?!?!  All that worry!  All that anxiety!  All those tears and frustrations!  And for what?!

The Bible has something to say about this:

"And which of you by being anxious can add a single cubit to his life span?"  Matthew 11:30

What a lesson!  After such a wild ride, it was nice to finally laugh, and laugh, and laugh.  Oh, the irony of it all!  Ha!